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Chillin' out till it needs to be funded

What’s in your wallet? (asked on Linkedin by Bill Kreger)

“I am looking forward to investing in the banking industry as soon as the dust settles down in the markets. Check for a stock by stock update of which ones are especially good. I am on it as zyaadakairaada in case you want to look up specific choices for buying. As far as equities are concerned, this would be the best of times after yesterday’s carnage. However, one does need to be careful and not lose one’s deep pockets so if you have a 100 $, don’t put in more than $ 50 at any time and the rest , use the whole of next six months to spend. Emerging market bonds are good too, if you are interested, or another 10 $ . And don’t use the family silver to pick up loans at this time. or dwell in margin financing.”


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