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zyaadakairaada Profile & Portfolio – SocialPicks

2cfkbumvix Here is proof that I have the knowledge and have mentored others as powerful and helped global managers correct their approach on us markets, india and the world again and again. Last heard, JPM revised its estimates downward and called rate cuts from RBI alongwith SocGen and others on moneycontrol and and lost. Read on here, and let me know what you need. I have the pulse of the crisis, the recovery and the market direction and can help you fine tune your strategy as i have helped thousands of managers and multiple global corporations. Of course, it’s more fun if you talk to me. I am in favor of leading this moving of the economic crisis and will partner with you in a soft and subtle manner, just the way we both ride to the top.

via zyaadakairaada Profile & Portfolio – SocialPicks

Different flavours at:

A. Similar blog posts but a different story

B. Everything in 140 chars or less @zyakaira on Twitter

C. Research Data and References A scratch pad on retail

D. Business and Sports news < – – New ! New ! New !

E. Strategic Finance (Here) – Top 100K Site

F. Marketing and Social Strategy – Marketing and Web 2.0

G. Business Profile / Resume Linkedin/in/amittal – Me

Prospects, Clients and Employers

Innovative Film City – Another me

Friends run the place and we are on the right runway, just waiting for the cash to complete take off – Complete with Roller Coasters from Amsterdam, Wax Museums from Canada, Four different deluxe restaurants for every lifestyle theme and a bangalore’ish budget

IBM and IBM Daksh Global BPO Services

A recent me, I led a lot of the service launches for this to become possible

HCL Tech – Business Consulting Services – I ran a business consulting team here for 2 years. Most of them help manage $100 million engagements on their own today.

Deutsche Bank

– The evergreen me, why i left enterprise and traveled globally to note what structure, models, businesses and ethics work <–the babes in the wood next door, help me when i was looking to come back to bangalore. why are they babes again? never did make anything in capital markets or insurance, don’t ever listen to them.

Other influences on style, reason and effect: <- the first world paper that seemed to finally respond to ‘requests’ to see reason and convert others <- My sign that the Web had arrived, back in 1998 commercially <- Met and heard Reid Hoffman back in 2005 in Boston, been with them since they started.

This is just an initial attempt on the bio, facts stand as they do but my stories are usually much more successful. This is just the beginning.


NFL – the super games to beat anything in strategy and marketing
Basketball – for more fun
Cricket – this is habit forming!

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Rate card and charges: INR 350,000 per month / $200 per hour plus consultant charges on per hour basis

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    February 28, 2009

    check out the final recommendations at


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    check out these dear friends at with a beach, roller coasters, sprawling expanse to beat any Universal park


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    Thanks for directing me to this site, looks very relevant


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    September 8, 2009

    Stock Picks allows users to compare their BSE/NSE equity picks with other members and street analysts. Its unique stock rating system provides a goldmine of investment ideas. The site also provides extensive financial information and gives a 3-dimensional view of companies and markets.


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