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FT Alphaville:Goldman closes out oil recommendations @53

It’s official, Goldman capitulates on oil

Posted by Izabella Kaminska on Nov 20 11:21. 1 comment.

Goldman’s latest commodities note is out, and this is all you need to know:

Closing our oil trading recommendations

Although we have emphasized in the past few weeks that continued weak oil demand exacerbated by constrained credit conditions will contribute to soften near-term fundamentals keeping WTI prices, timespreads and gasoline cracks under pressure, we have left our oil trading recommendations open, expecting that high volatility would provide a better exit point to our trades. The volatility in the past few weeks has mostly been to the downside and the pressure on the oil complex has increased. In the near term, we do not expect significant upside potential and as a consequence we are closing all of our oil trading recommendations.

Translation: We were wrong and we’re sorry. Ouch.

via FT Alphaville


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