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NDTV Profit | India emerging as one of the strongest in the crisis

India will emerge as the fourth strongest economy among the G-20 countries after China, Russia and S Korea from the global crisis, given its robust forex reserves, high GDP growth rate and various fiscal and monetary measures taken to tackle the downturn, a study said.

Developed economies like the US, UK and Japan would fare relatively bad in terms of their emergence from the crisis with a ranking of 11th, 12th and 13th respectively, Assocham said in its study titled India & G20: Economic fundamentals amid global recession.

The study considered seven economic indicators relating to size of the economy, spending power, tax structure, interest rate policy, budget balances, debt burden and foreign exchange reserves.

“India, along with China, Russia and South Korea would emerge stronger out of the current crisis as they enjoy strong economic foundations based on foreign exchange reserves, higher growth rates in GDP per capita and sound monetary policy measures,” the chamber said.

India ranked last 19th in terms of budget balance as a per centage of GDP and 12th in terms of public debt as a per centage of GDP, it said, adding that low ranking on these indicators gives the country key challenges to announce heavy fiscal stimulus package, it said.

via India to be 4th strongest economy post crisis: Assocham .


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