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Why India’s recession will be deeper?

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The Sino Indian juggernaut that rose in the early 2000s with the coinage of BRIC economies at Goldman Sachs and hypregrowth rates, wasn’t a hyperbole as it proved again and again every year for the last 10 years.

.. The climbing revenue and fiscal deficit at India

.. The unfortunate holes in corporate governance and investment banking due diligence in India and worldwide

.. The lack of money power in the domestic sector as its dependence on the foreign hand remains the only outlet for chinese friends – we are not out here to cap someone’s salaries, we just want to tell you that we could have fucked up even better than the UPA and the NDA did

.. The weaknesses in foreign policy dithering at the border post in face of the enemy, waiting for damage to happen

.. The collapse of the rupee dollar trend to reflect the current PPP

.. If We still keep our reserves in USD denominated bonds and treasuries

.. If the Euro economies continue to show resilience in the face of market forces and growth with old feudal design and “rattan” structures (you cn obviously see that this is an open invitation)

.. If life sucks for the educated joe who continues to rule the world on his thumb

.. Though China will lose more jobs

.. Where China would lose a big market, while the outsourcing story may show negtive growth but is a continuing annuity of the 300,000 Crores we do in FY2009

.. Where India is open to expat managers of Transnationals

.. Where prostitution and gambling has still to gain the social acceptance of the commies to proceed in progress

.. We are still asking for rate cuts, when LIBOR spreads to US Treasuries and Baa2 (Moody’s) corporate Bonds that peaked in 2008 September may have come down and Indian corporates may be able to borrow

— Banks are holding much more cash (8%-10%) than the average CRR of 5.5%


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