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A word on Marketing and Sales in a Bank – Let’s rebuild the brand

Any brand strategy requires a brand vision that focuses on the three core areas of brand recognition, brand productivity and measuring competition.

People growth requires that the best sales talent is grown around the brand with team leaders focused on the areas of talent strategy, functional capability standards, sales capability embedding, building an expert network, advanced negotiation skills and coaching for high performance.

Brand productivity requires that the business encourages joined up business planning, category development and shopper insights, trade spend and investment channel and customer profitability, trade strategy, brand passion, route to market and distributor management.

A trade strategy focuses an organisation on it’s markets, and fundamental activity toward achieving a sales vision. A channel vision compliments the portfolio and consumer strategy to understand brand strategy. A trade strategy should be easily understood by the entire organisation. This helps generate channel prioritisation to identify where to activate the portfolio strategy. The channels vision combines with the overall planned output to inform and drive the commercial plan.

A vital part of the process is a scorecard measurement that aligns the organisation to the final outcome and that commits stake holders to the plan.

With an effective trade strategy organisations can prioritise the channels and brands to focus resources on, to achieve the long-term customer goals. once the organisation has agreed its plan, process and direction, a trade strategy needs to be developed to drive the outcome. A process of developing a trade marketing strategy challenges any organisation to decide which parts of the business you will be focusing on, and where the greatest challenges like in achieving corporate objectives.


zyakaira notes: this is the brasstacks on the ground. this is building a ground-up picture of the mountain..

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  1. Jamaal Goede
    July 27, 2011

    I dont fully figure out your view, but I get the point.


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