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Reliance ADA – Life Insurance worth 12000 crore

Reliance Capital whose stock is almost up by more than 45 percent in just 4 trading session has informed that its looking to divest up to 26 percent in its insurance arm Reliance Life Insurance through an IPO as well as by inducting a strategic investor. Reliance Capital holds 100% in Reliance Life Insurance. Reliance Life Insurance would be valued well in excess of Rs 12,000 crore and they will have more clear picture on it in another 3 to 4 months.
Reliance Life insurance is considered to be 4th strongest in line next to ICICI, SBI Life and Bajaj Allianz. They have almost more than 10 percent share in the indian insurance market, but the Insurance Ops are only 7 years old
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zyakaira notes: The 3-4 insurance IPOs including ICICI Bank IPO for separating capital structures and governance would themselves bring companies with a valuation of INR 120000 Crores or around $25 Billion to the listed markets at BSE and NSE. Along with the PSUs and Infra stocks we may be adding market cap equivalent to India’s GDP in these 1-2 years and raising more than $10 billion from the markets esp if restricions on insurance IPOs are lifted, incl ICICI Bank wanting a holding company to finance it outside the bank’s balance sheet and Reliance looking for a workaround on the 10 year operations rqmt from IRDA. LIC has more than 40% of the overall market while ICICI Prudential and Bajaj Allianz have been early winners of market share.

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