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Recovery Scenarios: Will It Be Too Hot, Too Cold or Just Right? ? Real Time Economics ? WSJ

Some pictures on that speak a thousand words
via An easy path to recovery
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One comment on “Recovery Scenarios: Will It Be Too Hot, Too Cold or Just Right? ? Real Time Economics ? WSJ

  1. Super Geek
    December 14, 2009

    I was reading some reviews and understand the frustration people have with AMAZON releasing a kindle 2.0 at the same price as the older kindle 1.0 and leaving them to upgrade if they want without any special discount…

    That said, I just wanted to share my experience with the Kindle. I like books, but like to be mobile and I live in a small apartment. This creates a problem because books are SOOOOO heavy. I tried putting them in my Iphone but my eyes get very tried reading the screen. I finally decided to order the Kindle 2 when it was launched and just got it today. Let me say this: it’s awesome. The things I love best about it:
    – the new synch thing they have going is a seamless experience
    – the screen is amazing – just like paper. I even love the screensaver when it is of
    – I love that I can put all my books (Except the ones not available for purchase) in one location and give my old books away and save space!
    – The list goes on.

    Not having had the old Kindle or having anything to compare with other than my iphone as a competing product I love it. And I’m looking forward to reading!


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