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The Hedge Fund deals club – Dealbook –

Highbridge Capital Management’s deal to sell the rest of itself to JPMorgan Chase may be one of many similar transactions to come, The Deal reports.

As smaller hedge funds have found themselves rocked by the financial crisis, industry watchers have predicted that consolidation may be on the way, particularly for hedge funds looking for the safety in the arms stronger private fund managers or larger institutions, The Deal said.

And such dealmaking has already begun heating up. Aside from the Highbridge deal, The Deal noted that Cheyne Capital Management’s acquisition of Altedge Capital and GLG Partners‘ deal to buy Société Générale Asset Management UK.

Furthermore, the publication said, bigger hedge fund firms such as Man Group and RAB Capital are looking for deals on the horizon.

via Is JPMorgan’s Highbridge Deal Part of a Larger Trend? – DealBook Blog –


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