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Retail Investors and Mutual Funds – Changes in June @zyakaira

Fixed Income deals , broking down to Rs 2.5/INR 10 million _TYY4

IPOs to have Anchor Investors that have to be Qualified Institutional Buyers with a 30 day commitment after IPO approval (listing) _TYY4
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B’lore promo #1: Fast Social media updates leave you dizzy? Feel priceless about it with the New Nokia N97.. <<<Call us
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Investors can now negotiate their own commissions with intermediaries and no Entry Load or other cmmissns charged to the fund investor _TYY4
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Welcome steps to free mutual fund intermediaries relationships with Mutual Funds _TYY4
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PVR raising another tranche of Private Equity while profit making ventures hold back _TYY4

SEBI halved the fee for registration of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and their sub-accounts, for derivatives trading and brokers. (never tweeted)


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