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Healthcare Tweets – Reform agenda for 09

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that #Healthcarespending will reach 48% of the GDP by 2050 and is already 16% today2 minutes ago from TweetDeck

US seems to be paying its Doctors more than twice Europe because of the costs Doctors have to bear from the Insurance Companies #Healthcarehalf a minute ago from TweetDeck

One-sixth of the American Pop remains uninsured #Healthcare3 minutes ago from TweetDeck

At $12700 per family, Employer Sponsored Benefits are getting costlier for Employers and they continue to cut back on coverage#HEalthcare3 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Have we solved the problems of the Blue Dog Coalition by proposing to pay Medicare +5% in rural areas to remove disparity#Healthcare7 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Obamanomics? :: Tweets from the Market – July 24, 2009: Do remember to va.. @zyaada @zyakaira7 minutes ago from twitterfeed

Senate is not going to be able to vote on the bill before the recess and the House does not want to vote without knowing the Senate’s mind10 minutes ago from TweetDeck

The surtax slab to be applied for the tax has now gone up to those earning $1m and more #Healthcare10 minutes ago from TweetDeck

House leaders have proposed a surtax on high-income Americans to generate $544 bn to pay for the cost of the $1 tr, 10 year bill #Healthcare11 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Many House Democrats are also anxiously awaiting word from the Senate Finance Committee over how that panel will propose to pay #Healthcare12 minutes ago from TweetDeck

On Healthcare: Are we closer to solving the problem for the Blue Dog coalition by offering Medicare+5% to reduce disparities in rural areas?12 minutes ago from Tweetdeck


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