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The first tweets ‘after’ the crisis – Aug 05, 2009

  1. Up and Hangover are still competing with Harry Potter after 2 months with $300m each1 minute ago from HootSuite
  2. MMRDA’s prior land deals with Jet airways and Starlite have however been canceled as both could not pay up _TYY42 minutes ago from HootSuite
  3. MMRDA-Mumbai Urban Infra Plan received an addl $320 m from the state incl Bhiwandi-Dombivili-Mumbra, Vasai-Virar & Mira-Bhayendar roads_TYY44 minutes ago from HootSuite
  4. Mumbai has also planned 3000 million ltr water projects for $1b with the Konkan Irrigation Dev Corp _TYY48 minutes ago from HootSuite
  5. Meanwhile, MMRDA has awarded the Mumbai Metro Phase 2 to Reliance Infrastructure (Anil Ambani) for around $2.3 billion11 minutes ago from HootSuite
  6. Axis Bank plans to raise 71.4 m new shares or an addl 20% of its capital to boost Tier1 ratio, with SUUTI unlikely to subscribe more_TYY413 minutes ago from HootSuite
  7. Overseas contribution for Love Aajkal was a healthy $3 m across Pakistan, UK and Oz _TYY416 minutes ago from HootSuite
  8. Saif’s Love Aajkal grossed Rs 62 crore ( $13 m) on the opening weekend, a hefty figure for Indian Rupee denominated tickets. _TYY416 minutes ago from HootSuite
  9. Multiplex revival boosted July figures and mall footfalls are up 50% from a y-o-y drop of 20% and more in the first half _TYY420 minutes ago from HootSuite
  10. Cognizant manages 94% repeat business from existing customers, Indian outsourcing business wd corrrespondingly stay at $50 billion _TYY422 minutes ago from HootSuite
  11. Cognizant maintained a Q-o-Q revenue increase of 3% to $776 million and operating margins increased with rise in attrition to 11.3% _TYY424 minutes ago from HootSuite
  12. As GE business continues to fall at Genpact, it admitted slower growth could mar its prospects _TYY427 minutes ago from HootSuite
  13. Today on advantages: HSBC and Barclays ride out global storm – FT.Com Banks: Both Bar.. minutes ago from Plaxo Pulse
  14. Today on advantages: UBS Posts $1.3 Billion Quarterly Loss – UBS posted a.. minutes ago from Plaxo Pulse
  15. Today on advantages: ANZ to buy RBS Asian assets for $550m | Banks: ANZ will buy Roya.. minutes ago from Plaxo Pulse
  16. Genpact and Cognizant reported optimistic earnings with $29.7 m (up 20%) and $141.3 million ( up 36%) respectively _TYY428 minutes ago from HootSuite
  17. The NMDC sale could fetch the govt more than $2.5 billion _TYY433 minutes ago from HootSuite
  18. Following on after the NHPC issue of $1.3 b and OIL’s $1b in September, REC to open in March 2010 for $.75 billion _TYY434 minutes ago from HootSuite
  19. As deposit rates hit southward, Axis gets ready to woo customers with new Mutual Fund and Insurance ventures by October _TYY436 minutes ago from HootSuite
  20. Will Axis be able to compete with Citi, HSBC and Stanchart in India? _TYY438 minutes ago from HootSuite
  21. Stanchart can manage its relationship with RBI and the inclusive growth agenda. India contributed 19% to Stanchart profits _TYY440 minutes ago from HootSuite
  22. RBS has not planned a sale of the wealth management team and still wants to be rid of the liabilities’ book _TYY442 minutes ago from HootSuite
  23. Stanchart is unlikely to however bid for all Indian branches of RBS while RBS planned an exit from all India business in consumer and retail43 minutes ago from HootSuite
  24. Stanchart’s India operations have reported $526 m in operating profits with a $94 m increase in impairments44 minutes ago from HootSuite
  25. ANZ is unlikely to be of significant size to bother HSBC, Citi and Stanchart in Asiaabout 1 hour ago from HootSuite
  26. ANZ has grabbed RBS business worth $3.2 b in loans and $7.1 b in depositsabout 1 hour ago from HootSuite
  27. Stanchart will get RBS in India and China for a couple of $100 million, but like others has frozen personal lines in the area _TYY4about 1 hour ago from HootSuite
  28. In Banking stocks, Axis hope to raise $1 b from the market, but some of its promoters are unlikely to have ore resources _TYY4about 1 hour ago from HootSuite
  29. Harry Potter is growing strongly to $220 million in 2 weeksabout 1 hour ago from HootSuite
  30. @blrmoneytalkz : Should You Invest In Mortgage-Backed Securities? – ZYAKAIRA(AMIT..

BOTTOMLINE: Outsourcing in trouble, Infrastructure hungry for Ca$h, Retail Lifestyle businesses up on the move, Asian Banks will remain gems in the global portfolio and lots of IPOs


  1. BOTTOMLINE: Invest in Axis Bank, exit RBS, sell the casino banks and sit and enjoy annuity income 😉 _TYY4less than 20 seconds ago from TweetDeck
  2. BOTTOMLINE: Asian Banks will remain gems in the global portfolio and lots of IPOs _TYY41 minute ago from TweetDeck
  3. BOTTOMLINE: Outsourcing in trouble, Infrastructure hungry for Ca$h, Retail Lifestyle businesses up on the move _TYY41 minute ago from TweetDeck

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