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MF Assets zoom to $150 billion | Value Research

AUMs move from 540000 Crores at the top of the 2007-8 bull market to 722000 Crore at the bottom of the 2012 bull market

MF Assets zoom to Rs 7.22 Lakh Crore ($150 billion)

This is a monthly update with data from Valueresearchonline and amfiindia

This is a growth of 23.84 per cent or Rs 1.24 lakh crore ( over the assets during the end of June 2009. A closer look reveals that in June, funds went out from income and liquid schemes. But market trends made them come back again as one saw net inflows of Rs 95,764 crore ($19.95 bn) in income funds while the figures stood at Rs 24,698 crore ($5.15 bn) for liquid funds. This is being pushed largely by corporates and institutions.

Equity funds saw net inflows of only Rs 4,232 crore (<$1bn) in July. Two open-end equity schemes — Birla Sun Life Enhanced Arbitrage Fund and Reliance Infrastructure Fund garnered a total of Rs 2,394 crore or close to $498 million through their new fund offers.

Gilts had a bad month as yields ruled high at 6.97% Gold ETFs were also marginal as Rs 40 Crs inflow was reported in them

via MF Assets Set Record at Rs 7.22 Lakh Crore – Value Research: The Complete Guide to Mutual Funds.


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