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Dual Listing – A Cultural Gap?

Global businesses must have more of these war stories. We will see them again. If only that European and now African businesses are using recessionary conditions and development as excuses to bring down their hammer on the world. For this, they are using parochial and hithertho untenable institutions / policies that were at the root of all the misdemeanours of socialism and then for some of the backwardness of France, Western Europe and the black Continent that they successfully colonialised 200 years ago. MTN is not the only one from South Africa. There is going to be more than one Dubai World..

But enough of the historical frisbee tour. We are at the corner of another new growth thrust, funded by liquid cash from all the elected governments. At least a chunk of this money will come to serious Infrastructure requirements of China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and all the rest that work on foreign investors and that cater to their populace’s future needs at the policy level.

It is thus important that we do not allow such anachronisms as dual listing and funding of anti US / anti – Afghanistan sentiment, brokering war and such fancies that have titilated the French and the neo-socialists. I am not here to reiterate the freedom of free-speech but as a dealmaker and as an observer, I have always felt it sensible on the part of the decision makers to give in to the clauses that clinch the deal, even if only in the last mile. If you note any successful deals and growth initiatives of the 90s and the first decade now over, you will not the strong hand of political will showing where enablement of deals was required and not otherwise. Do not be fooled by the old China either. They have seen it and they have already changed their stance unknown to you and me, but showing in the increasing pace of dealmaking and in key reform stance being forced open by influential government denizens.

For me, that is a sure fire sign of guaranteed success and growth for the entire next decade just like any other. It is a shame that the French and the South Africans are still willing to lose it all on the international stage with such indefensible attitude. It is this shame that has also got Gordon Brown out of pocket, just that wee bit over on the overdraft when others like US and India are managing quite fine despite their truck with debt.

One can only assume that the populace of South Africa and other such ‘tough nuts’ will not suffer indiscrimnately like in the past because of such actions. I am willing to put my foot down, but the deal must be done.

It is not the size of the country and it is not governance, it is also South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Bangladesh. But the caveat in selling any property of policy, like Telecom Licensing, allowing International mergers..but not referencing EU’s competition policy, which would be an example of the good guys ( They have mostly got it right and the federated structure allows for national thought to be channeled without adversely affecting any party’s sound commercial interest). We have to understand that the deal must be done.

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  1. Jacinta Saller
    January 22, 2010

    I liked this post. We are avid lover of espresso and for someone who consumes numerous cups, the article sticks. We like the style of writing too! Good job!!


  2. Erik Roxburgh
    January 22, 2010

    I liked the post. As avid lover of coffee and for someone who consumes 8-10 cups, the article sticks. We liked the style of writing too! Great job!!


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