The Banking and Strategy Initiative

Chillin' out till it needs to be funded

Here’s the Collidron that didn’t miss 2009

Or the power cauldron for Banking, Marketing and Social Services ( just Twitter and Facebook šŸ˜€ )

We cooked all this, right about now so you could help us cook more..

Try Postrank Banking to find out how well we do in Banking

Wow, talk about taking Banking by storm, We have 7 research/news review sites in the Postrank Banking top 20 –Ā 4 minutes ago fromĀ Splitweet

Another $85 billion for infrastructure from ‘Obama’s pocket’ A new strategic climate fund Ā« O’nomics.. not Oprah)Ā –Ā 1 hour ago fromHootSuite

RTĀ @mynazis RTĀ @mashable Get a Mac Named Ad Campaign of the Decade –, look out for the Apple campaigns with us in ’10 –Ā 2 hours agofromĀ HootSuite

RTĀ @mynazis A new strategic climate fund for clean energy = a neat $350 billion, $85 O’nomicsĀ –Ā 2 hours ago fromĀ HootSuite

A great bangalore launch by uninor 29p/min great campaign launch RT@zyaada Telenor’s 3750 crore (EUR 54 m) ..may add EUR 10-12 m in UniNor 2 hours ago fromĀ Splitweet

And the last month of ’09 started with “Fun with Elie and Golf” when the lady was just helping Tiger up from sleepĀ –Ā 8 hours ago fromĀ HootSuite

Gregory Zuckermann represents some important sources of the 2008 crisis ..How you can make $20 bn | The investment blog –Ā 9 hours agofromĀ HootSuite

Don’t miss the retail chutzpah again Can retail businesses get some help from Financial pariahs << Notes from Channel ‘O’ –Ā 8 hours agofromHootSuite


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