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Banking in the new decade

Also we’ve got over Banking 2.0, it’s not technology

The Emerging Markets will be busy of course with Infrastructure Finance, with smaller tickets like ICICI Bank and Kotak sticking to stonewalling new credit for non existing capabilities to absorb NPAs. No one is asking their creditors to run away specifically, but we continue to be sure that they are in trouble. Also Commercial real estate may not be allowed under infrastructure tab in any risk profile markets either N11 or India & China or the resurgent Yuan fed Africa.

Recently Moynihan also addressed town hall meetings as foreclosures modified exceeded 4% of the mortgages after a blank ten months. A similar town hall of bankers is now in progress in India hosted by SBI as the dollar continues for a resurgent 2010. Euro trades might not catch on to Indian FX intermediation even after a couple of bankruptcies, you may not be able to tell them apart from the Pound bashing that will ensue after British polls

New Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan Gives Speech On Banking Industry

Harder to understand and predict also will be the hopes of offshored jobs coming back whether it is Obama tricks or new centers in Morocco, Monte Carlo and mid-town America. Banking in any case is happier with the current branch marketstructure and does not envisage new branches from Chinese competitors or the phantom regulations of the pay czars.

Brian Moynihan and Benmoshe do indicate however that there are likely more new jobs for everyone by virtue of their own selves being virtual dolls of Greenberg and Kenneth Lewis. Citi is likely to pay second fiddle to Wells Fargo in the market sweepstakes and BofA may follow both if not careful. The other continents are likely to hear from only JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs this year. I hope Kotak and ICICI do not start recruiting, nor the Asian banks from Mainland China ;lol

South Africa and Brazil may yet write the new chapter for Banking growth, given the deeper pockets that reach those shores in Infrastructure. Random thoughts or the Perfect Storm 2e edition, we’ll decide after Hank Paulson publishes his fictional piece on the raison d’etre of the crisis and the raison d’etat.

Welcome to Advantage Banking and Advantage Infrastructure in the new decade. We don’t think banking ever slimmed down at all! However, Fat Cat bankers are out of the mix.


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