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London, London

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The next few establish London’s faults for those who need to absorb the smells of the city, [ and are optional to dramatised, televised or reproduced versions of this blog’s archives]:

London Dreams

London of course nurses its dreams to host Financial Industry’s HQs and having spent 6 months there (Deutsche Bank) I had seen the capability of the UK infrastructure to support the great blob of each deal in 200 yr old buildings and the City in one go. London of course prides itself on its connections in Asia as well with Lloyds and HSBC but fiscal prudence was ne’er its governments cup of tea despite the three pronged regulation of the Financial Markets. Indian ICICI Bank is also still nursing its trading deal losses in UK where it folded its irresponsible and impossible trading act rather soon after July 2008. IAS39 and FAS 133, corporate risk and wealth manors in the islands. UK has it all. It’s one flaw – – strongly rigidly political definitions that do not change in the slow , wet weather and hide a multitude of racial and apocryphal idiosyncracies and crime.

British mumbo Jumbo

The British are rather callous with Facts too and in what was a justified pro US stance they had established, they have turned into an abominable foe of the banks to save the empty coffers from producing too many sins in the next few. The City however, is a world apart just like Singapore outsoide of the Malay suburbs and the near hidden Chinatown on the other side of the CBD. Also, the global diaspora in London are its redeeming feature and do pay their taxes.

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