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Blackrock saves 2009 with $3.35 T AUM | Advantage Investing

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iShares strong 50% of the ETF industry, Beta Funds as imptt as alpha now>> Blackrock, $200b outgo from Cash, Gross $356 billion adds in Eq/FI4 minutes ago from HootSuite

Blackrock EPS for the full year includes BGI income fully set off by integration costs to $7.13 and keeping most BGI assets for $3.4 T AUM9 minutes ago from HootSuite

Blackrock does not run any ‘proprietary trading’ and compensation / revenues ratio is a mere 35%. Strong emphasis ;lol12 minutes ago from HootSuite

ETF Industry crossed $1T in fourth qtr. Blackrock new biz of $82 billion includes $49 billion from Institutional Investors $21.2 for iShares19 minutes ago from HootSuite

Blackrock could’ve brought assets to over $4T in 2010 as iShares keep getting more traction. the latest one on the FTSE and of Canada..

14 New Advisory Assignments get a lot of attention from the management including new acquisition Felix, 2 Aladdins and 12 others…(drop) Advisory income also reported a $200m year

Blackrock’s $1.544 b income looks sustainable and the 45% rise over September creditable. The Operating margins of 39% gross of merger costs for BGI could be industry benchmarks for the rest of the pack.

An Industry leader, Blackrock could look to growing the mandate even further in alternative assets and iShares (where it’s the leader) with able support across all asset classes for investment.

bank results week December 2009


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