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Jobs for Main Street 2010

I am including these with a heavy heart knowing that Senate efforts again are in the other direction. America as an economy will have to do better than keep forgetting the Math , because it was done ‘by the other side of the hill’

Th eHouse measure, a $174 billion extends the mandate to the Deptt of Transportation(Also the Stimulus per se with most DoT allocation has been extended per se). It also makes specific grants to Highway Infrastructure, Amtrak, Transit, Airport Improvement, Maritime Administration, Clean Water, and many more incl Public Services jobs like the $23 billion for Education jobs apart from $500m each for Summer Youth, College work study and Firefighters. The same bill extended FMAP (Fed Match Program) credit, child care credit and some other IT refund related provisions.

The senate, and its current thinking seems to be the fly in the ointment from here but them I am not a citizen and America must find its own way forward from the procedural wrangles. It does seem however, government needs to be much simpler to get anything done.

The President has, according to the webcast from CBS , succeeded however in convincing a lot of doubters about its intentions on Jobs and Healthcare, taking approval to over 60% on both. Of course, with the outlined complex process, nothing much can convince America that they will be out of the woods soon and that is a worry.


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