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A Media Industry Capsule: The Media must be saved by us ? duh!

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The time when there was no banking crisis in the air is now distinctly 5 years ago. But the world survived on other controversies in that time. In 2007 and 2008 when the markets were engaged in the biggest beastly moves that really changed the denominations of the investors dreams twice, the media including the business papers like WSJ and FT were going through a churn of megalithic proportions. That News Corp has turned a profit last week, was thence an epic saga’s anticlimactic first break.

Jay Leno drives two of his classic Fiats while filming scenes for his show (a 1937 Topolino Coupe, it looks like!)

The show isn’t over yet by a long mile. Conan will be back in a few days. Jay Leno has managed to be the King and beat others to the new preferences of a DVR drunk time shifted audience that is demanding content from the networks. Even smaller stations in mid-town America will be more demanding now and if and when Conan comes back with another $30 million, he may just realize his folly in messing with the King. That one’s a no show, really There cannot be any Conan vs Leno and it won’t be a paying proposition for Rupert Murdoch or Lachlan either.

BAM Belle Reve Gala With A Performance Of A Streetcar Named Desire

Star was not, for so many years in the Asia-Pacific even as it was on the fringe of the most watched TV programming and really his network was a quality assurance program live for the upwardly mobile audience in the region stuck in competitive jobs with ever-growing salaries and ever-increasing uncertainty. Today there are more cars in China than in the US in one year and an Indian household is likely to spend $10,000 of disposable income for the latest in dining, gadgetry that’s closer to the heart and so many more avenues of entertainment than ever before.

Avatar’s paid off for Murdoch, adding $324 million from movies to the bottom line and his news properties delivered another $260 million for the year which is an eye opener. His MySpace is undergoing pain and his pay wall experience needs to be refined by his market’s readers and publishers. But anyone who can see content delivering the windfall every time, I’d say has the right mind to do the job.

The newly available avenues of entertainment and content across digital web, cameras and video capturing devices, mobiles and iPads/iPods are exponentially generating higher demand for quality ‘content’ and real entertainment without boundaries and each element raising the bar of expectations. Also increasingly, all these channels are looking similar as it becomes easier for content to propagate without overtly changing form, whether it is news, or a business document with video or an entertainment megathon like Avatar, or the Harry Potter series. You will see more of that in a while.

I think the Web Marketers of these last 5 years need to move aside and sit and learn the social experience, see the uniformity of content and let digital media grow as a part of the social whole than an alien world of misplaced metrics. The revolution is here. We’re on it. And no Letterman is not the next ticket to paradise.


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