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Consumer Banking – The last bastion for India?

Random Tweets from a Saturday

Saving Media , Also IPL and Indian Financial Services Advertising..stretching the rupee into hinterland access

Lady Kidwai taking TV Opp with Bloomberg as opportunity to push women’s agenda.. duh! women in I banking. HSBC rdy for ABN ..will RBI oblige

Even in India HSBC does need a leg up in tech when compared to Citi but its brand equity is much better than any other.

HSBC Invest India looking like a distress sale candidate

HSBC’s new branches in Nagpur, Nasik take it to 50 branches plus 30 from ABN? Micro Lending, Retail & Bancassurance lead

HSBC picked itself up for another day in India. ABN adds $10 billion in India , biggest player in India after ICICI, SBI

I have to be away but the game lives on Down Colts! It’s Drew Brees who’s the best #saints #SB44 #superads

Losing PIIGS would be a scary prospect, but Euro zone can’t cough up money for them in Greece, Spain, Ireland or Italy and Portugal #Europe

Choose and click through to your favorites from our best as ranked here #postrank #marketing

Typing customers in China and Dubai to super previews for supersunday! We’ve come up a lot last week #postrank #marketing

Eye Openers dot the Global Markets across the DOW the Euro Zone and even China and India.. Feverish February?

Blankfein settles for $9m in 2010 ( stock saleable in 2015 after the next bust ;lol ) JP Morgan pays $17m all stock bonus

LIC, ICICI Bank only investors in the French Auction (at 209/210 rumored yesterday) NTPC scrapes through

IPL got into the live streaming game pretty early. Ustream gets funded $75m

Online video viewership

With each viewer watching 187 videos per month in the U.S…Live streaming could be the catchall | Advantage Social

HSBC’S NAINA LAL KIDWAI IN INTERVIEW ON BLOOMBERG UTVi , Tweetstorm aired at ADVANTAGE ZYAADA properties after bank results week was over

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