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Coca Cola brings off a great save! | Advantage Lifestyle

Coca-Cola Glas and 1 Euro

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Coca Cola Zero reported double digit growth in North America in unit case volume despite six fewer days in Sales in the period. Coke China jumped 29%, India grew 20%, while Brazil and France grew 8% and 12% in unit case volume.

Coca Cola reports its juices and teas in the Still Beverages which also grew 9% in unit Case volume.

Apple had earlier reported double digit growth and new sales of iPad can easily be expected to add $1.2 billion in the next quarter’s sales adding 15 million units for the year.

Coke reported its fourth quarter today, and sales continued to dip in North Americas, down 1% in the nearly $2 billion US Markets. Coke reported Sales of $7.51 billion, with full year profit growing 17% to $6.82 billion or $2.93 per share on marginally lower sales of $31 billion.
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