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It is a global lesson of sorts, up for the last 15 years with different responses to China’s bold and sometimes wilder than the arrogant American assertions that have shaped global diplomacy fom before Iraq. As the Dalai Lama controversy comes to a head and all countries prepare for the inevitable cocoon of past control limts for letting global trade go on, US and Obama have backed the Dalai Lama’s visit to the US. In a seeming departure from earlier chains of action on an oft repeated issue, China found a university of scholars to lead its voice of dissent against the global democracies’ stand in China and Tibet. And that’s a first.


Senior Chinese military officers have proposed that their country boost defense spending, adjust PLA deployments, and possibly sell some U.S. bonds to punish Washington for its latest round of arms sales to Taiwan.


The calls for broad retaliation over the planned U.S. weapons sales to the disputed island came from officers at China’s National Defence University and Academy of Military Sciences, interviewed by Outlook Weekly, a Chinese-language magazine published by the official Xinhua news agency.

The interviews with Major Generals Zhu Chenghu and Luo Yuan and Senior Colonel Ke Chunqiao appeared in the issue published on Monday.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) plays no role in setting policy for China’s foreign exchange holdings. Officials in charge of that area have given no sign of any moves to sell U.S. Treasury bonds over the weapons sales, a move that could alarm markets and damage the value of China’s own holdings.

The Academy of Military Sciences’ stand even if one was earlier available to the government in Beijing, was never made public thru global press. Also CIC’s new investments look like they want to be art of a global order rather than look for bedbugs and roaches in their bed and breakfast. That’s a global first for China.

The $6.8 billion arms shipment to Taiwan and the visit of the Dalai Lama couldn’t have come at a better time in this Economic Cycle, and we are definitely looking at a more open China.


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