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Is the local protectionist gene productive? | Advantage zyaada

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The Oz commissioner made rather a spectacle of himself on Indian Television yesterday, denying racism, denying the turn of events in each serial case of mugging of Indians , on the rise in Australia even as Stephen Roach himself stepped in to ride over local cover ups and fess up to it looking racial. Does that make this threat go away?

My Name Is Khan - Press Conference

Closer home, the local Mumbai underworld watched on as close contestants to their throne, the right activists of the Shiv Sena and MNS brought an Anti-Muslim anti-Marathi flavour to the release of  SRK’s latest magnum opus for the common man, My Name is Khan. Otherwise in genre and emotional connect, the movie parallels the Rs 300 crore ($75m) super grosser 3 Idiots from Aamir and Vidhu Vinod Chopra and rides on a probable $4-5 million market overseas against the 3 idiot’s  $2.5 m and the Slumdog’s millions ( which were a pleasant shock!)

Update: The movie has already broken records with an International opening weekend of $1.9 million iin the US and $1.6 million in UK its $5 million internationally surpassing the Idiots’ likely $3 and providing hope to the $20 million purchase of Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox. It has also done $17.5 million in IUndia in 4 days since its Friday release

Worst, the Oz gene was also recently exploited by US food brand KFC, bringing the meme of colored to fried chicken after a long time. The Caucasian race seems to have that fun loving element that loves the NFL, the Slumdog and the rough and tumble of a struggle but it also has a seemingly sensitive nub that is vastly violent in the face of a global citizen crossing parochial boundaries and winning against them or the world in general.

Though Indians or the Chinese cannot mirror that scale of personal violence, they still have that aggression in such unwanted pockets.  Being a Banker/ Shadow Banker, I directly think of Money Laundering and the Pioneer act for countering such activity. Afterall, these splurges have to be financed at the next stage to become cognizant threats.  The story of the average immigrant making it big throws you back to what Count Dracula must have faced when he landed on the shores and I do not want to pick from personal experience.

To us, and such a crop of global citizens exists, we are global travelers who can use technology to their benefit and and in meetings and in board rooms, we find that a good idea usually wins business over. And that is the state the world must return to, whatever it takes in terms of global leadership hiring and talent management. It must also continue to be the rule at Conventions, Seminars and Award Ceremonies and neither side should exploit this flavour. It must not become so that a Cisco router should deny international travel to people of any race or point of origin, isn’t it? But then frankly, I’d rather have an Indian manager running things in an Indian company. Not just because he understands or any such half reason.  And an American then wants anyone except the Chinese, or ..and the list gets longer.

Social networking has to lead the revolution in these causes, like in Iran and East Europe last year. Personally, I know many people from Boston wouldn’t travel to the Mississipi for work even today. But we Indians are a little tougher that way. And we find it difficult to sit in one place. It is the Global Mandate. Think about us. The new economy survives a lot on sharing of ideas and thought. And no one can own the locals, no one wants to.

I find the complete habit of Outsourcing itself pretty racist in outlook as insecure consultants hanging on to their jobs in the perp company ( the outsourcer ) in this case try to strip the job of all possible content before shipping it to Asia for the factory model. I do apologise for perpetrating the myth as I know better from the inside, but that flavour is there for the media and the muggers to savour and one such fling would give it that ‘color’

Anyway these random events will happen as more and more realise that the world is moving on, at a faster clip and that they have been whiling away their resources, when the gravy train was boarded.

It’s just controversy, and it is not killed only because of the good nature of governments and citizens ( if there is any?) but because finally crime doesn’t pay. I doubt if you can stop it once it becomes paying, right?

On a slightly different note, these flavours are also accentuated by self interest on the part of the negotiating parties. On a microscopic scale, The Oz High Commissioner to India is engendering those, on a larger scale, US and European negotiators heightened it in Copenhagen when India, Brazil and China had a fair proposal on who should be saving on the carbon.  Then, probably the Climate conventions Pachauri is to blame for spicing up the stats on such a matter of global import.


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