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I loved the N Y Times, and then I started writing about journalists. Here’s the one, from the mickey on N Y Times. It is now good to hate the republicans.

Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized In New York City

Our wishes are with Bill Clinton

Paul Krugman is one of them fed up with the stalling of reforms. His treatise on Economics has been pretty exemplary, and he has based it on his thoughts of the moment, inspired by a study of things that have worked. That’s another book in itself. Newt Gingrich was pretty close to ruling Capitol Hill once. Maybe as much as Hillary Clinton? But that’s long gone and now, Gingrich is taking the front row slandering against the cuts in Medicare. Why the $500 billion. I would also ask the same, but why not $1T? Why not only Public option for 5 years for a thing that has gone terribly wrong? But then that would just neutralise that vitriol for the new ‘2010 breed’ of filibustering Republican. A plain showing of blind misery blanketing all screens at the Global Cineplex.. We can kill democracy. And so we shall. There goes another bid to write up the serious bit on Healthcare. More next time. Here’s Krugman:

Bush Meets With Recipients Of 2008 Nobel Awards

Why is this amazing? It’s not just that Republicans are now posing as staunch defenders of a program they have hated ever since the days when Ronald Reagan warned that Medicare would destroy America’s freedom. Nor is it even the fact that, as House speaker, Mr. Gingrich personally tried to ram through deep cuts in Medicare — and, in 1995, went so far as to shut down the federal government in trying to bully Bill Clinton into accepting those cuts.

After all, you could explain this about-face by supposing that Republicans have had a change of heart, that they have finally realized just how much good Medicare does.

By the way, my spell checker just found sloganeering and changed it to slandering. Wow! And Hillary Clinton worked twice on Healthcare in that first term and extension part. We are still going to be talking that public option next time.


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