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The mosaic of Healthcare Reform | Advantage O'nomics

Let’s see. It is that Paul Krugman has been following me at the New York Times and I have been just buring that midnight lamp on Main Street to study up the next revolution. Funny! anyway, in the age of digital books and a continuing 6/10 in customer service for everyone from Humana to Aetna and Cigna, it is that sinking feeling when you call out the word. Healthcare.

It is actually such that Healthcare would probably vote itself to more negative impact than the other Doolittle – ‘Reform’. Reforms been getting straight ‘s on my writing and I seem to be doing a lot of it right. Right, now back to work and no flippant or inventive use of language to build up “An Artifice” Healthcare Reforms aren’t making it. Worse, Obama has seen the writing on the wall and with the deficit we are nary making it, ever.

One bipartisan hooey, Two bipartisan hooey, will get done. It will work for America.

What will not work, is the same politicians coming back to tackle any reform, much less healthcare. And all of Obama’s team is from the old lot of Clinton’s inner circle as we unravelled this internet and some Mac hooey in the last couple of decades. I know, Jetsam, Flotsam, Spam and Corny slang. I have been writing too much. My writings are getting a little bloggy and not good for much else sometimes. But then I am not publishing a book in this decade and there are no other troublesome assignments to win or to conquer. Healthcare reform is a serious subject. Whatever I cover will be incomplete and without recourse to modifications. It will then be publicly re-done. By a bevy no longer led by Pelosi and Paul. Hooey. I’ll start with the next one.


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