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EBooks: The Macmillan Chapter

Lest you and I thought that Macmillan is going to be material only in demanding royalties from iPad and Kindle, the followers of education reform in Obama country have something more important than 123 million European subscribers to look forward to. Macmillan is also producing its own ebook software for laptops and iPhone which is already releasing special ebooks for school and college text from Atkins’ insights in Chemistry to standard Psychology texts in editions called Dynamic Books. these books can be rewritten by faculty for their class on the subject and would still be available at about 66% discount to their published price.

There is also a print on demand option for a higher price. For innovators like Amazon and Apple, this definitely makes things more complex than Adobe Air script or the style and looks game as offerings show greater customisation and increase consumer demands outside price and availability criteria, Follow the story with us on the marketing pages

Meanwhile Obama’s plans for education reforms look set to apply distinct standards to the improvement programs and other ‘up in the air’ terms of the No Child Left behind salvo from Bush. The $14 billion aid can really perform if the nation knew the reading and math standard to follow.


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