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From the Office of Management and Budget – part 3 | Agriculture, Commerce and Defence

Where possible 2010 figures have been provided

Agriculture, Commerce and Defence

$26 billion to USDA ( Dep of Agriculture) takes care of a few important items:

  • renegotiating crop insurance and restoring ecosystems
  • providing financing needed to help expand job opportunities and take care of barriers to enhance agricultural exports and 5% of each USDA sub budget
  • restoring 200,000 acres of Wetlands in Chesapeake Bay
  • $400 MM for access to broadband services, $400 MM for Agricultural Food Research Institute, less than $100 MM for innovative local and regional food systems and outside USDA in renewable energy programs, climate change, and rural recreation.
  • $17.6 billion for Woman, Infant and Child nutrition for the over 10 MM participants
  • $9bn in credit for rural utilities and $4.5 bn for rural  housing

$8.9 bn for the Dep of Commerce (DOC) that includes

  • $712 MM for National institute of Standards and Technology, with $80 MM for Tech Innovation Program and $130 MM for improving US manufacturing systems ( are there any local tehnologies or processes still used in manufacturing? ha!) (2011 numbers are similar to the 2010 numbers)
  • $2bn for weather satellite systems (of the $4.8 bn for National Oceanic and Atm Administration)
  • NOAA grant goes up in 2011
  • $4.7 bn program to expand broadband deployment will be a focus area.
  • $75MM in matching grants for Regional Innovation clusters
  • $1.3 bn for the 2010 Census
  • USTPO will operate completely from its own revenues of arnd $2 bn (Trademarks and patents)

The Defence budget includes $159.3bn for contingency outlays incl Afghanistan and Pakistan, $33 bn for the supplemental request and a total of $548 bn in the base budget, cut down but needs drastic pruning for a quick and lasting deficit reduction

  • Defence Contracts targeted for a reduction of high risk T&M by 17%,  and eliminating or reconfiguring lower priority acquisitions (Purchasing/Contracts)
  • Supporting wounded Warrior Transition units and 9.5 MM Medicare beneficiaries
  • It also tom toms a reconfigured Ballistic Missile Defence Strategy, but without crossing the Experts, it seems unlikely the President will get any chance till 2012 to reform anything with the current state of spending

The undisclosed National Intelligence Program Funds support

  • Cyber security (Google vs china seemed more effective but we swear by the CIA factbook of yesterday)
  • Counter terrorism
  • Afghanistan


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