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Virtual Trading , anyone?

We are not here to discuss fantasy stocks and fantasy sports, though they are no mean achievements in themselves. However, we did imagine ourselves running real exchanges trading sports men and celebs in the new social world.

Closer to fruition, is a new futures exchange allowing hollywood execs to decide how much they are going to lose and hedge their bets before opening week.

Two trading firms, one of them an established Wall Street player and the other a Midwest upstart, are each about to premiere a sophisticated new financial tool: a box-office futures exchange that would allow Hollywood studios and others to hedge against the box-office performance of movies, similar to the way farmers swap corn or wheat futures to protect themselves from crop failures.

Also, Sharespost is doing a great job selling Facebook shares pre IPO along with 135 other pre IPO companies across 12 defined industries that are currently deemed popular with late PE investors and ripe for an exit.


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