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A new BOP Economy in Thailand | Advantage zyaada

The Economy of a revolution

The Philippines had People Power, the Czech Republic had its Velvet Revolution and Ukraine was swept up in an Orange revolt. Thailand has what might be termed the Toothpaste Brigade.

The yellow T shirts in Bangkok last year WSJ reports could not complete a revolution and ares till trying by pretty well retailed financial means.

The team that relies on selling toothpaste, toilet paper and fish sauce only adds that to the bottomline of the privately owned ASTV, that airs the revolution live and champions its cause. The star of the yellow bandana team is a Thai pharmacist that sells his own toothpaste recipe filled 20000 large tubes every month for a good USD 90000, of which 60000 is turned over to the ASTV broadcasters. He is also reverse engineering Listerine..

Tens of thousands of viewers are buying and selling rice, fertilizer, phone cards, alarm clocks and insurance policies with the ASTV logo.

Sondhi Limthongkul is the 62-year-old media mogul who formed the yellow-clad royalist group, which calls itself the People’s Alliance for Democracy, or PAD. He is eyeing a formal political role as head of its New Politics Party. He reckons the movement and its privately held TV station would have to struggle for survival without its entrepreneurial support base.

Thailand's Court Seizes Part Of Thaksin Fortune

Is this what we planned when we agreed to a Bottom of the Pyramid revolution in the mass market? The other factions (former government’s supporters) now plan a red shirt weekend to counter the growing yellow menace

Mr. Thaksin’s supporters last year formed their own satellite-based People’s Channel to push the former premier’s agenda.

So far, though, Mr. Thaksin’s backers haven’t amassed the kind of business-savvy support that’s helping to keep Mr. Sondhi’s ASTV going.

Mr. Thaksin, while still wealthy, meanwhile took a blow to the wallet when Thailand’s Supreme Court confiscated $1.4 billion of his family fortune for allegedly using the prime minister’s post to benefit his companies. But for Mr. Prajint, the aspiring toothpaste baron, joining up with ASTV is about good business, as well as good politics.

Thaksin’s Thailand is a recovering N11 economy, right behind the BRIc nations in charting a new course of growth. Its $300 bn GDP is highly dependent on its $150 bn exports, dominated by exports to US, China and Japan

The toothpaste pharmacist of course uses a chinese Toothpaste mixing machine ( what if they put tweeting spies in each hardware, huh :D) His operation runs on an investment of one month’s sales now ( $90K)

I need some more of that self addressing paper they invented and take my own notes seriously..

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  1. Thai Songs
    May 23, 2010

    The strength will shift in favor of the Red Shirts as violence continues to deepen. The Red Shirts represent a populist movement. Currently, the protestors who are getting killed belong to the Red Shirts, who will win public sympathy. Furthermore, the Thai economy will be harmed by the protests, which will lead to further public discontent for the current government.


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