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Oh Lazy Suburb on a derelict Saturday..

I’m having another epiphany. After six week of a dozen articles a day, ( luckily 1 in 3 were photo essays with help from a great WP content partner) I am sapped enough to say, more. The dozen articles I had in mind for today were in sequence turning out to be for the ‘pulverised’ ( pulverised = listened to someone at the 140 tc on the coming of social media, value of social media or if not Pulver, listened to Kodak CMO / Audi CMO on the circuit somewhere) the SXSW maniacs that are currently in Austin ( BTW, SXSW = “South by South West” ) and / or the third sequence of article ideas came on tweets by Conan O’Brien, McCafe or the new iPad sales..) well, nothing wrong with that except that both my Marketing blogs are well inside the Power 150 ( on the Top of Page 3, if you please, no the also joined..) and that this is a Saturday and that is atleast 200 articles not all of you have read across the top 3 sites that I shepherd..These sites are social networks of their own with very serious reader profiles, i don’t want any one to remain “semi-literate” know – “A little learning is a dangerous thing”

so, I take a break and all you internet marketers out there and those avid tweet storm linkers can take a break too..we are all in need of rest, which also makes me brave enough to put forth the technical snag of the week…If you all take to clicking the tweeted broadcast of the article in the same instant, my site will not survive, my readership will suffer..blah, blah, blah ( the third – under duress)

However, unfortunately, my finance and banking site is left with a dozen odd articles on the budget and that is very uninspiring. I am at a very interesting spot in TBTF where its Festive season approaching (even the Indian one, is not in yet) and failures matching my reading of the course of events as they happened..and I am sure I am missing the bus with going on writing as I do have a business or two to kick off. Economic lives depend on it, hedge funds and Private Equity funds are running out of investment ideas and it is looking like a tired sequel of Harry , that middle kingdom kid or Sean Penn and George Clooney, with milk and cookies and no March madness in sight..I’ll get back to you, in a time not so far away, in another dream and another economic model that rocks..till then, Happy Weekend, you can all lay a hand on a basketball game or an IPL telecast. Hockey isn’t the only thing in your life, nor fishing.


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