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PE denizens seem to be more than willing to part twith the buck, throwing their purse in the wind,. The enthusiasm of Indian directed PE investors which we were unable to trace a week back, (frankly, we are short staffed, to handle your barrage of inquiries , MNCs already recruiting local talent for helpdesk clerk staffing and global procurement) has suddenly sprung high strung tension investments without touching Merchant Powere exchanges or transmission and distribution.

PE deals bigger than $100 mn

Bloom Energy Touts Breakthrough In Affordable Energy Technology

The investors poured money into at least 7 deals of $100 million, and the ones we want to mention are apart from the retail lifestyle revolution or WI Fi broadband from Tikona, funded by Goldman Sachs Strategic Investment Fund and Indivision India from the bane of India – the Biyani ( not Biryani) led Future Group)

As any other industry specialist we would take this stat and say that there is nothing left in the market for our own and client investments..KPMG ‘s Uttam Singh thought otherwise speaking to VCC and Livemint

Even if we reach the $13 billion 2007 in PE investments in India, we would still be around 500 billion short of our infrastructure investment target. Power investors like Goldman Sachs Investment Management, Norwest Venture Partners, the ever unstable and stil trying high heels’ investor Morgan Stanley, Everstone and the Govt sponsored PTC India Financial Services posted a $425 million credit into Asia Genco.


Asian Genco is developing hydro and thermal power generation assets totalling 4,000MW, including the 1,200MW Teesta III hydro project in Sikkim and a 1,320MW thermal project in Andhra Pradesh.

Similar efforts from Chinese Light and Power giant CLP has resulted in addition of just 2.6 GW in India across 6 projects

Also on the anvil is a new investment in FX prepaid Cards franchise Centrum that has a local market of at least 100 Ultra HNI individuals with assets of more than INR 250 Lakhs in assets and monthly turnover. The FX prepaid cards are a smaller segment and washed ashore during the Bourne trilogy ( or the Indian IT manthan, whichever myth you may choose) by struggling local suppliers Infosys, Wipro, MindTree, Satyam and MNC stops like IBM, Accenture and Mini Me…


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