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Is Pfizer a giant on the recovery path?

Pfizer Acquires Wyeth For $68 Billion

One of the few with a clear social media strategy apart from the local pizza guy, P&G Bounty and Coke & Pepsi is local regulator bound Pfizer. Pfizer is in fact looking at making its product range known if there is clear direction from the regulator.

Well, the idea of having a communications strategy could well be treated as peripheral as at other larger global corporations in banking and governments themselves, but this carefulness in speaking to your customer and the propensity of the customer to treat you as a fraudulent organization or account on twitter is a dangerous portent of that distractedness in communications brought in no small measure by these comms staff themselves, It is also a function of how pigs might fly and then some when business facing staff is directed to answer discussions of their own company policy. More dangerous is the fact that an industry could be derailed by forthcoming teaser comments from “regulators” and governments keeping them at greater and abject financial risk. Pfizer’s information availabiliy was definitely well targeted enough for this post to come about

To come back to Pfizer from there, it is important for Pfizer to see reason and sense in greater molecular discoveries by competitors, but till now between three drugs Lipitor, Prevnar13 and Celebrex, Pfizer has spent $200 billion

Pfizer acquired Warner-Lambert and Lipitor for $90 billion in 2000, and Pharmacia and its painkiller Celebrex for $60 billion in 2003. The takeovers, Mr. Kindler said, did not go smoothly. Stock analysts panned the results.

(nytimes: Pfizer chief..)

Pzifer's Second Quarter Net Income Shows Large Gain, More Than Doubles

Without its merger with Wyeth, Pfizer had achieved 2009 sales of $50 billion, $11 bn of it came from Lipitor. Cholestrol fighter Lipitor goes out of patent in November 2011 opening the market for generic competition to come in and expand the market while killing Lipitor sales as well.

Earlier on Twitter they mentioned that they are closing 10 out of 16 R&D plants and reports confirm plans to lay off staff as well. New Healthcare regulations require them to make disclosures of payments to Doctors from 2013 but Pfizer started early including data on payments made for human testing and totalling to $35 m among 4500 Doctors across the US. It is opening a research unit in shanghai and targeting continued 25% growth in India and China with its own / Wyeth OTC brands ( China sells Wyeth baby formula)

The new Wyeth sourced Prevenar 13 will retail in the developing world through a Public Private Partnership for Pneumococcal vaccine as part of a Advance Market Commitment lasting 10 years supplying the vaccine for $7 against an additional subsidy of $7 from GAVI and the AMC donor fund supported by UNICEF

While $1 billion is spent on each new molecule, only 1 in 10 get regulatory approval and of more than a 100 in the pipeline at Pfizer, 21 advanced in 2008 showing a lot of possibilities of abandonment for economic revival apart from high priority areas like  Alzheimers, Oncology and diabetes related research

The Global Access modules including local US programs for the unemployed and those for Africa and other s requiring AID remain the most important economic founts for larger giants like Novartis GSK, Hoechst (Sanofi Aventis)  and Pfizer and with Novartis not looking for longer term growth in Vaccination in current market models its mostly GSK vs Pfizer in these markets. They are carrying forwad 133 programs in R&D as of January 2010.  Jeff Kindler has completed three years as CEO Including 2 and a half months of Wyeth Ops the company achieved a $3 billion reduction in Costs in 2009 of which $2 billion is reinvested in the research pipeline. This is despite increased raw Material costs. Its first quarter with Wyeth s due in the firstweek of May

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