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Avoiding results season and sticking to it | Advantage zyaada

All of us who work for the Capital Markets, retail investors, Limited partners, individuals and day traders would make up that pot-pourrie will be the ones interested in business journalists and columnists especially during and after results season, depending on which side of the bed you choose to get out of.

As we carve a niche for ourselves, in a social carve-out from the Banks, Technology, Capital Markets, Transformation agents, Media and Financial information, Non Banks, investment bankers, authors, investment banker turned authors, people managers, equity research professionals, CEOs, Managing Directors, COOs, cooks, salesmen, vendors and  pre sales professionals, Franchise Owners, Extraordinary Leagues, Key Account Managers, Market Development stars, visionaries, philosophers, thinkers and start-ups, middle managers, senior management without agenda and other rats in the corporate world, we look to find that elusive responsibility center which comes with its salaries and perks (not including private jets irrespective of perks available to lawmakers).

Some pied piper has to again find us for our choice cabin in a choice multi national corporation, a bank that can find value in India, China or some deeper market territory that we can develop for them and till then our management thinking has to objectively find a logical place for results that bombard us every three months from markets in Us, India, China and Europe..China still has a season sale when we can do with only one or two results announcements in a year from each shortlisted corp/bank

As a purveyor of a fledgling brand that has concomitantly created and strengthened his personal brand, of his education brand and his country’s , thus implying the Advantage zyaada is a valid brand, that I have created and strengthened the brand of IIT Delhi, India, IIMs, Bangalore, ITC, DB and maybe even Europe, New York and Chicago among others by virtue of being in leadership and the public eye for 15-20 years, I have the perfect tools in Facebook and Twitter but as I go on, this new front also creates more geeks and development challenged individuals who cannot see the wood for the trees and increasingly create last stands for conventional channels like Obama for the Republicans and Tharoor for Prannoy Roy and Pranab Da and Paris Hilton and Ms Johnson for rich kids coming out of the can.

As an urban professional who likes his lunch, his outings at the mall, movies and even video games outside of his time with NFL, IPL and Unscrewing scams and jams, it becomes hard for me to pen down every conclusion I reach after results are announced or new deals are announced, and it becomes tough to follow mental threads with millions of followers, colleagues, public transport bullies and fellow drivers on the super highway we have repeatedly greased (pun intended!). So even the brand Advantage zyaada would love your support to the cause in generous terms with time, reports and points of view that can be published under your own/alleged pseudonym and I would allow leeches to plead the fifth and go on their way. Do write in.


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