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State Bank Disappoints | Advantage ‘zyaada’

The magic of any large bank can fade away when it ramps up costs without due notice to the market experts. the bullring around India probably will take time to recover from State Bank of India’s operational cost increases with INR 16 bn in restrucured loans added to NPAs and compensation costs increasing after changes in banding etc across the organization ( unconfirmed, ndtv profit) Loss coverage ratio remained at 45% whle profits for Q4 reported at INR 18.67 bn as per the Reuters report The press release is not online as of now as also there isn;t  any info on all year results

State Bank of India is today expected to grow faster in the retail and corporate space using its size advantage and its nearness to Duvvoori Rao in policy matters. Succession planning is also expected to buzz the stock soon.

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