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The new normal: A depressed prognosis keeps optimism alive | Advantage zyaada

For those of us who were always part of the denouement to the crisis since two decades back when globalization came making its mark as a hope, it has been the same trends in every cycle since. Whether its Soros’ theory of reflexivity, or even the banal systemic risk that no one noticed growing in size, man’s latest life changing innovations and crises of economic misalignment have stepped in tandem, the web innovations and the global marketplace on the high road, seemingly unfelt by the masses but introducing daily changes in our life and times and the corrective trends with a crises on the shorter 5 year rollover from below marking the big bear teaching us with new bookmarks[or if you like, the panda]

What defines good no event days like today is the realization that more people have made uncertainty a part of their lives. With 40% of America unemployed, and progress and economic growth not meaning much change for new nerve centers like India and China, europe’s imminent demise is playing out like a long innings than a shut out the game will have you believe. Everyone knows of the $1T in PIGS’ debt shared by Germany and France and despite the socialist leanings and backstop funding by bankrupt nations, Europe continues to grow, though at 0.2% ahead of maybe a $200bn loss in GDP from the $100bn in fiscal cuts, 20% unemployment in Spain, the dearth of funding for green initiatives and the export weakness of the weakening euro. This is probably a lasting picture of the $14.5 trillion European economy and the Euro. The Dollar will likely see this as a passing phase from how things look, Oil will start moving up soon but US and China debt positions will rise faster and Gold will remain at its new found levels and keep going up forever.

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  2. Karen Cayamanda
    August 14, 2010

    With the way things are going, there will always be that uncertainty. I just hope that we can all recover from this.


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