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A global Banking tweet-o-rama | Advantage zyaada

The PBOC has opened a liquidity window all week supplying RMB 300 bn over 4 days to fund AgBank IPO #china
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AgBank has in the meantime closed the institutional window early to ‘devote’ tuesday to retail subscription (even for IPOs) #china

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Bank of China follows closely in the footsteps of AgBank’s $23bn IPO with $8.9bn of its own #china
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JP Morgan’s underwriting JV took 4 years and personal attention from Jamie Dimon to start. They also have a locally incorporated bank in…
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Watching American Greed / Mob Money on CNBC from the top

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Citi has already started preparing for the inevitable Volcker rule, shuffling trading desks

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The US Treasury has already collected $10.9 bn for 40% of its stake in Citi

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JP Morgan has also opened a new Investment Banking JV with First Capital in China. Trading still not allowed to GS, JPM and UBS in China
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Credit, equity and commodities swaps/derivatives only 10% of the war chest for most and alrdy traded thru separate subs [Lincoln effect]
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HSBC’s clients in Singapore and India now a target of US internal revenue service
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China Investment Corp in the mean time has lost on its stake in US companies in the last 3 months and is passing off its bank stakes…
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Qatar Investment Authority, recently active in AgBank as well, is eyeing a BP stake but UK govt may have a sayn
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BP’s IPO dreams have been nipped in the bud by the company but search for strategic investors is on to fund the spill recovery promise
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UK landlords losing GBP 12 million a year because of badly prepared inventories, it is claimed –
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The Digital e-book takeover: A 2010 refresh « Social Networking and New Markets Happy 4th of July
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Some Chrysler dealers to sell Fiats –
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India’s New FDI regime may extend to Media and Entertainment in TV, DTH, FM
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Tesco, Carrefour stop using Indonesian pulp giant’s products –
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RNRL gives in to powers that be.. Reliance power and Reliance Infrastructure to be the be all?
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Ex-IMF economists predicts gloom for China #property –
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