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Dominating the new look retail lifestyle businesses | Advantage zyaada

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You already know the Apple and the Amazon story

But with Apple and Amazon, the other examples are Pixar,Netscape, Time Warner – AOL, Disney

And maybe Sirius and Netflix?

The teaser of course is as much for us as for you, and of course, if they so deign, the is what the fools said about Netflix and the new look monopolies (24/7 WallSt) But here is what e have seen over the last decade

We have been out there toiling for well over two decades and when an Apple came on to the web, an Amazon dominated it and Coca Cola established again that it was the only BRAND one needed to know, there were a few not so close and a few very close misses. With due apologies one may include from this previous avatar even seeming winners like EBAY and Dutch and Germans like  DHL and ING 😉  Fortunately as of now, Google is up, Microsoft is still making money and Andreessen has finally redeemed himself with an investment in “The Social Network”

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The Russians also redeemed a lot of moolah in the Facebook investment with their

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own IPO for DST but leaving alone a lot of such great stories in the existing retail lifestyle space that soldier on, this is just to investigate what it takes to break out as the ultimate ruler in a new business space and as 24/7WallSt says, act the part of the Oil Sheikhs, why you wanna hold your horses before betting the stable on a Netflix or a Sirius.

The fools are pretty much on the dot with their Netflix weak point declamation(Netflix).  I would rather say simply that

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they should do what Amazon was doing in its go big period in 1995( than use multiple “SME” 😉 examples like the fools)  than their shoddy way of spending expensive capital in buying back stock. Bigger acquisitions at this time could definitely hurt a model like Netflix with their franchise of 19 million subscribers, soon feeling left out and thus moving on instead of holding on to their Netflix discovery on the web. It’ll be mismatched expectations where Amazon and Apple will in fact carry on simply synchronizing their new inventive products with existing expectations and where unseeing they continue to enthrall customers with a perfect hold on their “experience” with the iPad the Kindle or the streaming movie.

One could argue that was also what the consumer vote said for AOL in its mixed metaphor life since 2001 but that lesson would probably be more about taking parochial interests or concentrated interest groups seriously while creating any convergence strategy. Then, that experience could also be ascribed to a simple evolution as also for eBay as they continue to hold on to the things they do right

Sirius is also a great retail idea, but while movies go global earlier ( and Amazon already serves 40% revenues globally) in the next one-two years given delivery is already a done deal, such US only or Developed markets only business models will inherently prove themselves to be weak in the knees for something inorganic and even an uncooked treat they want to assimilate in a bid to grow bigger so these “regional” ideas sho wrong with any of them, they are all winners in the true sense would stay wanting start-up capital rather than be the “MONOPOLY

Ofcourse, if you are talking of annual growth numbers, there is nothing further needed on their part for them to tell the world they own their business space, the numbers speak for themselves  (Netflix, for example )

Disney is doing some things right now

and could be eligible like Ford to be a DOMINATOR

Disney seems to have finally found its calling though. Not only has Walt’s dream rid itself of the Pixar and Miramax experiments, but also it has already big on Television having recovered and grown both ESPN and ABC ( ad revenues up 22% and 26%, $4.5 bln its revenue from Networks. They have also defined and ramped up quicker in the new business spaces and have no hiccups since they acquired Marvel(another experiment in old traditional comics?) and Playdom (social media gaming champions, almost on par with zynga on the pioneer quotient)

Of course Disney’s acquisitions continue to underline the matching of ethos in “Discovering Premium” in retail spaces without seemingly selling luxury items, Steve Jobs on its board coming to mind for some unknown reasons 🙂 That card of course has meant the death knell for many a Rupert Murdoch/Mark Andreesen and even Steve Jobs experiments

But no one has cordoned on to Sports or Twitter

With brand investments doubling in social media and concurrently maintaining high growth in sports programming


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and sponsorship budgets one could envisage continuing growth not claiming new owners for business spaces created in Sports or Social Media and Facebook fights instead with Google for the next few quarters. Sooner or later as many on the startup bandwagon would aver, the new business space will be here.

And what about remembering the ultimate in business space domination, Facebook? More after the GM IPO..and the last AIG fire sale

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