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Making Bureaucratic government a quasi literature prop | Advantage zyaada

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The wired Wall Street

It would be easy meat for he movie moguls, after Gordon Gekko couldn’t come back for nuts

Of course, The populist headline could even be

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Barbarians at the Gate


While Ivan F Boesky was a migrant that did not know public school education ( a little simplified, but tell me after reading this through…) the Asian migrants are more pillars of the American bureaucracy and already statesmen before holding office. Of course this is a highly polarised opinion but SEC and Wall Street now seem to be waking up to their job and in true bureaucratic fashion are taking it down in copy book style borrowed from history.

While the perfect storm precluded much enforcement action as the banks were at Capitol Hill since 2008 trying to get a new law for every dollar Bill that was printed thence, money market collaterals, Basel and the stock markets remained busy plotting the American recovery , not letting SEC act except for email trails discovered or the flaunting of the senate committee incarceration of the good boys on the street, the Goldman Sachs that have since wound down their business in trading.

The American public of course may own bureaucracy but just reading the correspondents writes and rewrites it is but obvious that a microscopic Asian ethos is now obvious, tying together the world in a litany of scams.

In that the SEC action is almost copybook babudom to borrow an Asian phenomenon, going after the good guys Goldman Sachs again with nosey parkering for insider scams that can be proven quick and on the fly. Also at risk are Research companies, being asked to wield wires while attending to clients at hedge funds.

Seemingly, this charade is looking at specifics of dealmaking in healthcare which may actually be culprit, but I doubt if they do not have an inkling of which funds could be more involved rather than going after the much ‘aligned’ not ‘maligned’ Goldman Sachs which have come out with flying colors despite all the witch hunts imposed on our time. The storm started with the right culprits a Bear and so should any man hunts. A Warren Buffet communique or interview alone may not be enough to save the day for Captain America.

based on the WSJ news art here

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