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Distinguishing Shoe leather Research from Insider trading | Advantage Research

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A lovely article with example of the tech trade finally woke me up to where this extended probe will likely earn some “brownies” or “pretty pennies” or what have you to your point ratings. Mark McQueen points out to what I pay my alalysts for, i.e. basic interviewing skills to find out whether a specific item in the product line is being produced to flood the market or special SKU’s created esp for kingmakers where Apple can throw in a regular surprise ( and from theMark McQueen selection, Blackberry does it well too)

A note in these interviews can tell me if its going to be iPad worth a $1bn or iPad worth $5b and iPhone/apple TV worth smaller dollars..and that’s serious shoe leather. I agree with Mark, and if the extensive investigations lead the Feds here, we would know that the investigation is just eclectic fodder for Capitol Hill that still can’t understand why or what they need to regulate when it comes to Banking leave alone serious Financial Markets. We can only suggest they should mind the gap..but then a few high speed trains have been hijacked just for that every once in a while, with the cyclical nature of the markets almost entirely hinging on 5 year cycle of scams and revelations. Probably there is better idea somewhere for the dip in 2015. Take it from me, it will be 2014 or 2015 and this revival continues till then with or without the Euro, the Yuan and the technology.

Meanwhile the Feds have been solely focussed on Diamondback, Level Global and other offshoots from Steve A Cohen’s ‘stable’ They have however jumped Janus Capital and here it seems to be predicated on serious missing accounts where Janus already not having much of a reputation seems to have put misc expenses of $10 million in its accounts which can but raise suspicions. Previous Fed investigations have also been pretty detailed and mostly on target as when Martha Stewart and recently Raj Raj were targeted and convicted. Look below for articles on detailed progreess of the investigations. IF however, channel checks and other serious research is found too be insider trading it would be a sad day

P.S. If you read through the article thru here, you probably want to be on seekingalpha yourself. We are there as xzyakaira too and the world of Analysts has been abuzz with them since ’07. The FT Alphaville is great too, and some really mind churning thinking happens on their market blogs..but of course if you want to stay with select elite like self you are welcome.

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