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The Insider definition arguments haven't even begun | Advantage 'zyaada'

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The three year investigations have yielded 14 guilty pleas in 29 arrests since October 2009 and this week aqart from Don Chu, the weekend has claimed a Ukrainian wannabe System Capital’s Joshua Wallace who according to Bharara bandied around a made up 10 year performance statement including Assets under management figures to a Manhattan marketer to get clients and the fraudulent solicitations yielded $3.5 million according to today’s notes from the US Attorney’s office criminal complaint

Still, as of now here is not even a discussion of the definition of Insider trading and how borderline arguments will be solved. This probably implies tat the usual protracted negotiations on such definition are another target for the young attorney in moving the proceedings as he goes along. It is difficult to see however the judge prima facie not seeing the other parties’ points of view at all as the concerned expert networks and information on unlisted/ PE companies and / or proprietary business models are necessary negotiating trade for most ‘experts’ and unless it was specifically driven by blind greed as in the Galleon / Raj Raj case it is unlikely to be that the piece of information was solely responsible for defined rogue trades. It is impossible for a Capitalist society to condemn a non public broadcast of a niche/ pecuniary advantage as a criminal activity

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