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A Manic monday in the offing | Advantage zyaada

The American Economy 2008
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Actually just a long pause and a much needed break fro the markets as all the excitement in Portugal, europe and even the US dies down and mundane gridlock takes the floor. Dollar is weak, the Euro has survived and a lot of good news is now due from our quant economists across the pond ( in Europe)

Also structured products are the only kinds that sell unless you still have contacts with conservative wealthy investors in contact from Asia ex China. China would be promoting lousy debt in a big way as hot money is almost their entire upscaled money supply.  Just sayin’

Also its a good year for consumer consumption. Holiday weekend sales a nice 212 million people $365 a pop on the weekend and $195 on the Monday. And businesses like us are busy working how to get some even as convergence will be another developing story of 2011 is. That’s right, the moolah to be made and all the intelligent thinking is in these developing stories. If ou are investing your money made in Turkey or India this year either invest in Health and Education globally or stay invested in India. That’ll work too. Keep us posted on any other developing stories you might think of.   Like that budding Aviation and tourism boom of Q3 , that must be coming up a bit and of course Amazon and Bezos finally take over the world, cede it to Jobs and Apple and then maybe by 2015 have a joint product even as Netflix makes the world think in Exabytes. What do you know, it’s the Spurs the Kansas boys, some hockey and the Great Indian Cricket extravaganza around the corner.  No Saints, Giants hanging on by a thread, Federer still following the news ( or is that a humorous twist to news on Tiger Woods) and New york just another province as Chicago and Phils come back in the majors ( only the last one is Economics) Just another Sunday we tried figuring out how to make some money and decided to give our advice to you instead. all the time.. just keep writing back

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