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The Retail Lifestyle Stars: Apple survives the holocaust (2011)

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi
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All the uncertainty regarding Steve Jobs continuance and the handover to Tim Cook were finally “forgiven” by the markets as the Apple team produced a $6 billion profit from under $4 billion in the last holiday season quarter in 2009. With 7 million iPads and 4 millionMacs, the iPhone and iPad successes of 16million and 19 million again created ripples in your and my heart and that tiny corner that screams “who wins!”

Apple sells over $3.85 billion from its own stores out of the total sales of $18 billion for the quarter and holds $59 billion plus in cash so is unlikely to face any uncertainty after Jobs’ moves on if it so happens any time this year. the iPad is available in 46 countries, the Mac App Store in 90 countries and Apple Marketing has also signed on the biggest enterprise names around the world including Staples and Starbucks for the iPhone service. Tim Cook’s team also gave a guidance of $22 billion for the January quarter, thus showing no let up despite personal accidents favoring the company’s iconic Steve Jobs as his rare form of cancer stupefied markets with an announcement of a leave of absence two days prior to the results announcement.

With 4 stores out of 320 worldwide, Apple already sells $2.6 billion in the middle kingdom.  International sales are now 62% of the Apple nation business. Americas grew 27% sequentially from September while Europe grew 33% in the same Q-o-Q comparison, Asia not so far behind at $5 billion for the quarter. IPod share of market in the US music players market remains ahead of 70%

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07
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