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A busy day from dealmaking newsvine | An Advantage dealbook Tweetpost

Advantage Research blogs >>> Morgan Stanley unlikely to be better than $8.4 bln revenues without Credit spread costs, Google unlikely to disappoint << Advantage zyaada

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Advantage Research blogs >>> Portugal gaining in strength with 1.3% GDP growth, successful $650mln auction, Spain to dole out EUR 20-30 bln to banks << Advantage zyaada

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Advantage Research blogs >>> The Advantage ‘zyaada’ primary weblog. Inform. Instruct. Indicate. via @zyakaira

Advantage Research blogs >>> NBC’s $30bln valuation stands FCC trial as Comcast to make NBC channels available to other operators << Advantage zyaada – 1

Advantage Research blogs >>> MS and Citi axed from AIG mandate, RBS dropped from Nielsen back home Tata Steel FPO bankers off ONGC mandate after SAIL postponed

Advantage Research blogs >>> Arby’s unlikely to yield much for Wendy’s except headroom for minimum profit | Advantage zyaada

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