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Bank results season: Deutsche Bank starts the decade with small shocks

In a continuing tradition of testing public markets with negative announcements without sounding like a topered nose (I am in a bit of ahurry to reach the trading room) Deutsche bank preliminary report suggested a deep seated fear of the apocalypse (Basel 3 for this specific biggie) (Topers nose is a town in NY and not a disease, gotcha)

DB reported apparent integration pangs yet again with Postbank and Sal Oppenheim results addition to the bank taking it downhill from EUR 1,3 billion in profits for Q4 2009 to EUR 0,600 billion and as Capital had already been increased to $2.4 billion underperformance as always had reasons to be excused.

The banks juggernaut thus engenders confidence it will manage the $20 billion capital raising it needs by 2015 to get rid of inter bank liquidity on its balance sheet and gainfully deploy capital. It does have trading talent apart from Indian diaspora up for candidature and their trading results would be quite a vision to watch out for, in 2011. DB does the best trading room locations with their independent structures without unnecessary stricture or parenting of other divisions of the bank and thus its London, New York and Singapore offices would be the mainstay of the bank’s EUR 10 billion profits in 2011. The presentation slide from Reuters Insider (Breaking Views) says it all

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