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A G-20 weekend slips past everyone and China

Here’s the amazing communique adopted at the meeting despite China’s protestations and likely unactionable. Does the multilateral process really not achieve anything?

While not targets, these indicative guidelines will be used to assess the following indicators: (i) public debt and fiscal deficits; and private savings rate and private debt (ii) and the external imbalance composed of the trade balance and net investment income flows and transfers, taking due consideration of exchange rate, fiscal, monetary and other policies

On the sidelines the BRIC nations coopted South Africa into a BRICS grouping for regular meet ups whenever the G20 meets. Wow we are all kids in there somewhere, the way we do things 😀

Canadian Flagherty claimed honours for pushing throught he deal agreement reached in the Paris weekend allowing France to claim an agreement was indeed reached. In fact this seems more pliable than the WTO rounds earlier in neighbouring Europe

BRIC leaders

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The BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China and S...

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