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The British are going for the ultra fob edition 19% coco loops raising reserve requirements ideally even beyond the alps now benchmarked at 19% Capital requirements with Swiss Government bonds/Banks ..whoops!

The Chinese reported a surplus with 35% increase in Exports and a 27% increase in imports a GDP of 9.4% more than sufficient to carry the flag higher and the municipalities solvent. Hooray domestic demand!

London is unlikely to lose more bank HQs opine members so the choking regulation in para 1 above will play…

The imminent shutdown and the save from Obama proved that the Gridlock is unlikely to come back again in the next Congressional elections while The GOP walked away with $38 bln in prizes ( oops, back taxes there? )

Large ticket M&As initiating in Europe are likely to get brand new epitaphs on the day of announcement as M&A activity enters feverishly priced anti government zones…T-Mo and Deutsche Borse lead withdrawals supported by a wasted breath in Singapore..

Cuddly tortoises are likely to come out enmasse but in a new area in the South of Bombay beach as china accelerants, G3 deterrents and hot weather bothers complete the global dressdown! It’s the indian summer all over again! The much vaunted H1 program in the meantime got plenty of empty seats in a 65k cap for India as only 5000 apply..

Here comes passion lifestyle and summer fun for India/Asia..100 maseratis from Fiat, 200 Bentleys and wow we even sold 200k cars last month. (That one is actually true in spirit that we can’t compete with China in surpluses and wasted volumes with 7 day jams on the Beijing highway)

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