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The Big Pharma rebuilding "decade": Is Big Pharma ready for the competition?

İsviçre Basel'deki Novartis binası

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Well frankly, after our efforts to read up and check the air pressure on the Big Pharma machines, we find the restructuring effort in each case expensive and not worth the effort for most of the time. Still we have anew blog9s) at and . While Novartis spent $51 billion in Alcon to add $1.9 billion sales in the current 2011 quarter, J&J managed to improve earnings to close to $3.77 billion excluding litigation costs to $1.35 per share while counterbalancing its medical device revenues of $2 billion with a pitch for Synthes. Core Earnings at Novartis were up to $1.41 per share despite sales lowerby $1.1 billion in anti-flu sales and more expected in reducing Diovan

Constant currency sales at Novartis topped $14 billion and J&J sales topped $16.1 billion. International sales were mostly responsible for the J&J recovery at 7% up tick

Novartis also created another flutter when it totted up 33 million shares or 45% of Idenix Pharmaceuticals from open market operations seemingly Other Expensive European companies from Europe LVMH and Burberry were doing much better with sales up 30% most of it in China  which remains alongwith India and Africa an exclusive preserve of its own crop of Drug manufacturers

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    June 15, 2011

    Thanks for taking the time to line this all out for us. This kind of posting has been extremely helpful in my opinion.


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