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US put on credit watch. Yuan new alternative currency candidate.

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A headline no one outside Asia even dreamt of for the entire century gone by. Yet it has happened. when all the commodities in the global marketplace get redenominated in Yuan prices or Euro and even the Aussie and the Swiss ( not commodities, yet the currency has caught up) and even the Canadian dollar is dreaming new dreams as an Economy.

while the S&P creditwatch for a downgrade to AA+ from AAA(-ve outlook) is being fought tooth and nail much like everything else since 2008 it has signalled a long standing dollar’s tanking as the Euro may not be standing in the fight for an alternative global currency but no one feels safer with just the Dollar anymore. It is Euro going ahead for some significant percentages in foreign reserves a lot of Gold ( maybe Silver too now ) and I think people should keep buying the Chinese currency / Treasuries to stock up on the coming long winter.

Also the definitions of the emerging and Developed markets may go through some changes “at the periphery” Happy Easter everyone, it just means plenitude for the US consumer and no more debt with $14.5 T in debt and more after the celingis brought up. And no one is shorting US Treasuries yet! on the Yuan side Hongkong has just started trading in it and more Chinese exports are now paid for int heir currency than any other


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