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In the heady days of the hegemony of Apple, Amazon and Netflix, a flailing Google and a dominating Facebook have all done their bit to change the look and feel of the web and so much so that they have also changed the feel of your own lifestyle footprint as you see it. Most of the changing has been done by Apple and Facebook does not seem like it changed anything but still one does not go to bed the same person with 500 connections, 2-3 social games, 2k updates including all newspapers, all the brands and all the banks with whatever you called work on the alternate window

We pushed the new look retail lifestyle concepts in our Retail lifestyle series last year (Dominating the new look retail lifestyle businesses assuming a second wind for the five above and lo and presto J P Morgan posted the same recommendations as Mr Anmuth takes over at the “Interwebs”

Though as Mr Anmuth mentions, his reasons are well rooted in technology as he roots for convergence thru spread of the mobile platform, he has his heart well in place:

 We  note that  only  9% of  companies in the  S&P  500  are growing above 15% and they trade at a ~60% premium to the rest of the index.

These companies thus get another vote of confidence thus that they would be the great big revenue generators for everyone and with each holding a platform choice of his own, there is a considerable difference for the user in terms of his “lifestyle choices” as well. Also with Google Plus getting Skype on board at Facebook, your world just changed esp with college going kids and teenagers now conne

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cted to parents !


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